Managing Director's Message

In the current scenario of widespread market, we understand that the essential ingredient of our success is meeting the expectations of the customers.

On behalf of Retina Paints Limited, I would like to thank our valuable customers, distributors, suppliers and the employees of our organization who are the pillars of our success and are the ones who brought Retina what it is today. We were launching continuously new products and services, thereby providing the customers with the best quality at the best price. I am happy to take this opportunity to inform everyone that the company is in the process of expanding into the next level of growth with unwavering support of all the stakeholders.

Quality, Innovation, Consistency & Dedication has been the hallmark of Retina Paints Limited, backed by a technically sound and loyal team, which enhanced the company in delivering outstanding products to the customers.

I firmly believe that “TRUST” and “QUALITY” are the key elements in persuading customers to choose our products. Also, I accept that “TRUST” and “QUALITY” will create a “WIN – WIN SITUATION” for Retina Paints Limited as well as our customers.

- Rakesh Dommati