Retina Wall fix

Retina wall fix is white cement based putty which provides a strong base on concrete/mortar (internal and external) and ceilings. It is applied before painting of the wall. it fills the fine pores of the walls and ceilings ,there by provide a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. Bearing water resistant it provides a protective base which prevent expensive paint flaking “retina white wall care putty” has special added polymers and more special adhesive strength which provides a strong base ensuring a longer life for the painted surface. It does not require water curing and it can even be applied on freshly plastered wall thus resulting in savings of time and cost. During repainting, the surface done up with “wall care putty” requires minimum scrubbing thus eliminating the mess of dust, which is a health hazard especially for asthmatic patients. Its superior quality makes it the first putty in India to meet the global standards.